Self Improvement through hypnosis and Raikov Effect

What is Hypnotherapy?


WELL, all of our life, we tend to live as per standards set by others and not by the ways, wishes, and even the whimsical desires that otherwise could shape our lives in a much better way. It’s a great pity that we die without living a rich life, a life that reflects a very true picture of us. So, our entire life is consumed in order to live and look as per the mirrors set by others. Ironically, the people whose ideas become the steering wheel of our lives are least interested and least related to the happiness and sorrows of our life.

The person living such a pathetic life happens to be inwardly pretty weak, fragile, having low self-esteem. Thus he/she ends up his/her life living for others. So such a person is in dire need of self-improvement to become strong enough to live an independent life with full confidence and looking into the issues and resolving the issues as per his/her own preferences and not by those set by others. In this article, we are going to strive to help people suffering from this dilemma using certain psychological techniques that are normally referred to as “hypnosis”. For this purpose, we are going to exploit a very effective technique known as Raikov Effect. 

Before we set out our feet into hypnosis to redress psychological disorders, it’s pretty logical to explain the process of this therapeutic process that is, hypnotherapy. For detailed articles you can read Hypno Buddy hypnosis blog.

What is Hypnotherapy?

To begin with, hypnotherapy or hypnosis is the same thing, Besides, there is a myth that during the hypnosis, the subject loses control over his body and mind which is absolutely wrong. During the therapy, the subject has full control over the body and mind. In fact, it’s a worldwide recognized scientific field of study where an investigation is carried out into particular recesses of the human mind, and a proper, reliable hypnotic therapy is carried out in case of a psychological disorder.

In hypnosis, the therapist focuses on the part of the human brain known as sub-conscious. Though, there are a lot of people who still doubt the existence of the subconscious part of the human mind. Before we proceed forward, let it be clear that the power of the subconscious mind to the conscious mind is like that of a drop to an ocean. Simply it means that the subconscious mind contains a volcano of energy that needs to be properly channelized during the hypnotic therapy.

It means the minor changes brought about in the subconscious mind may magnify to a great magnitude when they surface into the conscious mind. The part that causes psychological disorders actually lies in the subconscious mind. That’s why a professional hypnotherapist reaches the ailing part of the subconscious mind that triggers all the psychological disorders. Reaching the subconscious ailing part of the mind, the hypnotherapist repeats positive suggestions or inculcates the positivity through the positive suggestiveness.

In response to these suggestions, certain negative complaints, caused by suppressed traumatic attitudes or repressed emotions, may dwindle down or even vanish forever thereby leaving a very positive or healthy subconscious mind. Thus, the healthy subconscious mind transports the same positivity or healthy feelings to the conscious mind. Once the conscious mind gets healthy feelings, the psychological disorder is gone.

What is Raikov Effect?

It’s basically a self-healing technique through which a brain heals its psychological disorders itself. It was in 1970 that the Russian neuropsychologist invented this effect. After a series of successful experiments, the Russian neuropsychologist came to conclude that his newly discovered method was extremely powerful and helpful to the human mind. Raikov effect can be summarised as efforts that lead/guide the subjects to find their true being and power of inner-adaptability. You can use Free Raikov effect MP3 to stay dedicated and consistent.

Raikov effect specifically benefitted the students’ folk. It helped them accomplish the tasks that they were unable to do before the experiment was tested/carried out on them. It was believed that using this wonderful effect, Dr. Raikov made the science students believe that they were actually music and movie producers. Dr. Raiko exploited three simple methods to achieve his goals using this effect. The methods are:

  • Imagination Power:

The imagination power made what believe that he was what he wanted to be.

  • Suggestiveness Method:

After that, Dr. Raikov would use the suggestiveness method to make the patient believe that he already was what he always wanted to be. 

  • Putting in practice:

Having completed the initial two steps, Dr. Raikov would ask the candidates to put the outcomes in real-life practice to realize it fully.

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