5 Freelancers Side Projects to Make Extra & Depression Free Earning

5 Side Projects for Freelancers to Make Extra Cash


Even before the pandemic started causing employers to slash budgets and lay off full-time in-house workers, freelancing was growing in popularity. Now, with more and more folks finding themselves out of work, even more people are considering taking on side projects to make some extra cash. It’s a great way to design your dream career or just bring in some extra money.  

Whether you’re a seasoned gig worker or you’re trying to pay the bills while you look for a full-time job, here are some of the best side hustles for the pandemic and beyond.

  1. Social Media Management or Marketing – Either Way You Can’t Go Wrong

Social media has become a major channel for communication, especially with most of the world following some kind of social distancing protocol. It’s never been a better time to get into social media management or social media marketing, with people stuck at home and buying products only online.

Many small businesses don’t need to hire someone to manage their social media presence for 40 hours a week. Instead, some hire social media-savvy people for a certain number of hours a week or month to create new content and respond to followers, keeping their accounts active and customers engaged.

Freelancers can manage accounts for several organizations at once or create ads and other content for social media marketing to help companies grow their businesses and scale their brands online.

  1. Coding & Programming is Always Much Needed

In our tech-driven world, skills like programming are in high demand. There are lots of free resources out there for learning popular languages like Python, R, and HTML, which can allow you to get your foot in the door and qualify for programming gigs like website or app development.

If you enjoy working with computers, learning to code can be a great option for side hustle work. Just about every organization today needs people who know how to code, even if the work involves more than just programming. At the very least, programming skills will give your resume a boost!

  1. Writing & Editing Content Can Be a Fun Side Hustle!

When it comes to freelancing, writing is a great choice. It’s easy to get started and it’s a skill that’s always in demand. If you love to read and write, then writing and editing can be a really fun side hustle, especially if you can get clients in a niche that interests you.

Businesses in every industry need content. However, it’s important to note that there are lots of different types of content writing and copywriting, from website pages to blog posts and from Facebook ads to white papers. Pay for freelance work varies depending on the assignment, the industry, and the individual company, so keep that in mind!

If you’re just getting started, then think about what you already know. Which industries have you worked in before? Having prior knowledge can help you to get some experience and build a portfolio to show future clients.

  1. Or Maybe Check out Being a Transcriptionist

If you’re a fast typist, then you might want to consider taking on transcription work as a side hustle. As a transcriptionist, your job would be to listen to audio or video recordings and type out exactly what you hear. It’s a skill that’s easy to learn but hard to master.

Many people who take on regular transcription work use a specialized pedal that allows them to control audio recordings without lifting their hands from the keyboard. Transcriptionists are usually paid by the “audio hour,” or every hour of recording that must be transcribed. Medical and legal transcriptionists earn the most per audio hour.

Transcription work is popular because it’s easy to get started and is a great way to earn some extra cash!

  1. Website Design Is Always a Good Side Hustle Too

These days, just about every business has a website. Even though there are sites to make website design easier, it’s a skill that not everyone has the time to master, especially busy business owners or CEOs. If you have an eye for design, you can easily make good money designing websites as a side hustle.

Even if you don’t have programming skills, you could offer to design for your clients in one of the popular web design platforms. You don’t have to know how to code to design a beautiful website these days, but you do need to be tech-savvy!

If you’re confident, determined, and willing to learn, there is money to be made in any of these side hustle options. Figure out what interests you the most, build up your skills, and start seeking out clients!  

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