How to be Quiet?

How to be Quiet


Ever since I was a kid, my parents always told me not to make noise. It’s annoying for them and it can disturb other people around us – especially during study time, homework time, or the best part of the day – sleep time. Sometimes, they warn that there are dangerous animals outside that can hear loud sounds or catch sight of us. I never really knew if that was true or not until now, as a young adult nearing adulthood, they continue to remind me of those stories. Nowadays, there are a lot of ways on how you can be quiet without the use of bloodshed.

To be able to understand this article better, we need to divide it into three parts:

  1. How to be quiet from a distance?
  2. How to be quiet in a room?
  3. How to be quiet when you’re in the same room as others?


How to be quiet from a distance?

I’ll start with number one that I feel is easier and more logical. If you really want to be quiet from a distance, then you should consider using this method.

You can throw a blanket over yourself while doing whatever it is that makes noise, like typing on your keyboard or clicking your mouse while playing video games. This way, the sound of the keys will be muffled and no one will get any complaints from you because you are far enough from their space.

If you have a guitar or a bass guitar, the same thing applies. Just use a blanket on top of it so no sound can escape. And if by some chance you actually play well, then you shouldn’t even worry about the others because I’m sure they will appreciate your music more than complain how loud it is!

If you need to do something that makes noise and it’s not a musical instrument or a keyboard, then there are some other ways on how you can be quiet. If you have drums, use tape so it won’t clank loudly when hit. If you’re into boxing, then all you have to do is tape your gloves as well so they won’t make loud sounds when you hit each other.

This can also apply to anything that makes noise. For instance, do you have a set of drums and need to fix it? Use tape! Have your dog bark nonstop in the middle of the night, making everyone sleep away? Well, muzzle him! If you’re given armor to wear, be sure to use a cloth underneath so the metal won’t make any noise when you walk around.

How you can be quiet in a Room?

Needless to say, this is one of the most common ways on how you can be quiet in a room. If there are no others inside except for you and maybe someone sleeping or studying then it’s not a big deal. You’re allowed to make as much noise as you want, but only within the room. Just don’t break anything and you should be fine!

If there is someone else in the room with you though, then I suggest using this simple strategy: When they can hear what it is that makes noise from your end of the room, move it away to another end of the room. If you’re wearing your armor (or any other metal-related objects) then take them off and walk around with it at hand or just leave it in a safe location where no one will stumble upon it.

If they are studying hard for an exam, don’t speak loud enough so they can concentrate on what they are doing. If you have to speak, then do so in a low tone. As for the person sleeping? So what if they are asleep! Who cares right? But if you care enough about their sleep, then just close your eyes and try not to make any sounds while moving around or talking. If they wake up, then that’s their own fault.

How you can be quiet in the same room?

The last way on how you can be quiet in the same room with others is by sharing. If they are not doing anything that makes you want to complain about how noisy it is, then don’t! You should share whatever it is that you have like food or drink, toys or other stuff.

When you share with someone, it’s like you’re telling them to be quiet. Do you want other people to quit complaining? Then just treat them nicely and they’ll probably do the same for you, so it’s equal. Plus, if they see that other people are also sharing with them then they should not complain about anything anymore!

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