How Soon is too Soon to Move In


Moving in with your significant other can be an exciting experience, but it can also be a stressful one. If you’ve only been together five months and are thinking about moving in together, think twice. Here’s why.

There are many factors to consider when moving in with a partner, including the state of the relationship itself. Are you sure the person you’re moving in with is the right one for you? Are you feeling rushed into something because of pressure from friends and family? Do you think your partner will be easily irritated by everyday things like dishes left in the sink or wet towels on the bathroom floor? Are there major issues or concerns that haven’t been addressed yet, such as if one of you smokes and the other doesn’t, or how you both feel about having kids someday? These are just some of the questions to ask yourself before making such a big decision.

Whether your partner is ready for this next step in your relationship is another thing to consider. While it may be sweet that they’ve already started looking at places for the two of you to live, it’s even cuter if their motivation is simply spending time with you and not feeling like they need to impress you.

Also- think about whether or not living with your partner will make their problems yours as well. If your significant other has a history of mental illness, extreme mood swings, or addiction, their issues could affect your life as well. All of this is to say, don’t rush into things just because you’re scared of being alone or want company. It’s important that both partners are on the same page moving forward, with shared values and expectations for the future.

However- it doesn’t hurt to be open to change. You may find out during your discussion that you don’t want to move in together after all, and that is perfectly fine! If the two of you determine it’s not a good fit, then there’s no need to rush into something just because everyone else is.

If during your talk you come up with some guidelines for successfully cohabitating, like perhaps having your own spaces (even if it’s just a drawer or closet), then that is definitely progress. You’ll be on the right track to moving in without feeling too rushed.

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