Fighting Depression – Leading a Healthy Life

November 10, 2018 by rsfk0

Fighting Depression – Leading a Healthy Life


Fighting Depression – Leading a Healthy Life  

  1. Depression is a neurotic disorder which makes the person unable to experience happiness and focussed in the daily task
  2. Break the depression cycle by intentionally engaging urself in routine tasks
  3. Have small meals by setting alarms
  4. Take an activity log and add all activities that u like to do for fun
  5. Cognitive restructuring: restructuring ur thoughts by using CBT techniques
  6. Try to go to bed when u feel like sleeping,
  7. Don’t take liquids before sleeping,
  8. If u are unable to sleep don’t stay on bed for long,
  9. Avoid using screens before bedtime,
  10. Don’t use the bed for any other task except for sleeping


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